With the latest technology and infrastructure located in our state-of-the-art datacentres, we can help your business thrive on the internet. Whether you are simply establishing a presence on the internet, or you want to manage, maintain and monitor an eBusiness solution, MPlanet can help.

What makes us a different web hosting provider?

For starters we provide a unique web hosting service to each client, providing close contact and support to create 100% satisfaction. We also proactively help you throughout your product life-cycle to maintain a productive online presence with high visibility on the Internet.


With our ADSL solutions you will have unlimited usage of your selected bandwidth and thereafter YOU will decide how much bandwidth you want and how much to spend and when you reach your self-determined limit.

Our Offerings:

  • Customised Internet & Email Solutions
  • Consultations countrywide
  • Corporate & Private dial-up accounts
  • WAN / VPN installation & Support

56k dial-up – R89 per month
Isdn dial-up – R130  – R205 per month
Diginet leased line – based on client specifications

Mail services

Additional mailboxes
(on existing dial-up account)- R10 per month
Mail spooling- R350 per month
Mail server administration & support – R280 per hour
Corporate fixed IP address – R150 per month

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