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Mplanet has been operating in the South African ICT space for almost fourteen years.

As a testament to our customer service, most of our clients that have signed up with us, are still with us today, even though our contracts run month to month.

We also have many ICT companies that have successfully partnered with us during this time.

We are an ICASA registered ISP offering the following products and services:-

1. Connectivity – ADSL, Diginet, VPN Links

2. Design – Websites (Standard and CMS), Logos, Business Stationery

3. Hosting – Website and Email


For all design work a partner brings in, we offer a profit sharing structure whereby the partnering company consults with their client, determines the costing (together with MPlanet) for the design work offered, and MPlanet then produces the design work.

MPlanet bills the client, and the shared portion of the revenue is then paid to the partnering company. Clents are welcome to visit our offices to consult directly with our designers.

We offer a simple 50/50 split, where 50% of the revenue is paid back to the partner. If any external costs are experienced such as external programming required, this will be discussed with the partner and removed from the total revenue, before the split. This only occurs with special requirements.

If this is an offer that you cannot refuse, please view our terms and conditions, and partner with us.


Terms and Conditions

1. Clients must host with us for the revenue structures to be valid.
2. Clients must sign contracts and debit orders directly with us.

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