Information regarding website regulations for covid-19 awareness

As per DIRECTIONS gazetted on 26 March 2020 by the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, it is now

a requirement for ALL websites ending in .za to have a clear link to published on their landing

page. (see paragraph 5.1.4 of the published DIRECTIONS)

This was done to aid in the dissemination of information about COVID-19, and to assist in combating the spread of the virus.


There may be a discrepancy in ‘Section 3’ of the official DIRECTIONS gazetted in terms of who the DIRECTIONS actually apply to.

Please read the DIRECTIONS to clarify.


We submitted a formal request for the Department to verify this, and the Department responded via official letter, linked below.

The letter indicates that ALL websites ending in .za are required to have the link to on their landing page

Response from the Department of Communications


Due to the urgency and the time constraints to get all notices installed, we have streamlined the application process.

Due to the vast number of man hours required, Mplanet has partnered with Streak Internet and other designers

to speed up processing and delivery.

Thank you for joining in the fight against COVID-19

Payments will be processed via Streak Internet.

Please assist by following the steps below:

1. Proof of payment needs to be uploaded via the application form, so please effect payment via EFT before completing the form.
iii(Credit card payments should be available soon).

iiiCost: Website hosted with Mplanet: R149
iiiiiiiiiiiiWebsite not hosted with Mplanet: R189

iiiiIf you have multiple websites, you can list all sites on one application, and pay the total amount once.

2. Click “Fill in application form” at the bottom of this page, complete the form and submit

Streak Internet Banking Details:

Account Name:                Streak Internet CC

Bank:                                  Nedbank Overport City

Type:                                  Current/Cheque Acc

Account Number:            1313 050 954

Branch Code:                    13 13 26


Please use Reference:   “your website/domain name”

Once the form has been submitted we will commence working on your site(s) and you will receive a notification via email, once complete.


How will the notice affect my website

The notice will not affect your website in away, it is merely a notification that will open once your website has loaded and can

be closed by the website visitor.

How long will the notice be on my website

For the duration of the COVID-19 National Disaster or upon decision by the Minister.

Please email us on for any further queries.

Notice Samples

The following are pop up samples that Mplanet has created to speed up the design process, please keep this in mind as you will be

required to choose a sample to complete the form.



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